Ayos Saturday

Ayos Saturday!

The UHO will be providing technical maintenance services during Saturdays starting March 11, 2017. There will be two roving teams for both UPCO and Forestry. The teams shall be equipped with tools and remedial materials for minor repairs. The repairs that may be requested are of urgent and minor in nature related to plumbing, electrical, security and roofing problems. Staff housing occupants must inform the roving team of the repair when they are already in their immediate vicinity. Job request and evaluation must be filled out by the occupants. The official skilled workers assigned for this program are:

Team 1: Randy Casipong and Enrico Garcia

Time Route
8am-12pm Start from 1 Kanluran St. – Jasmin St. – Heliconia St.
1pm-5pm Start from 17 Doña Aurora – Sampaguita St.

Team 2: Jessie Suizo and Apollo Antonio

Time Route
8am-12pm Start from Apt. 1 Banuyo St. – Tindalo Housing, Apartments, Duplexes – Dao St.
1pm-5pm Start from Narra – Ipil Ipil – Acacia – Duhat – Guijo – Ilang Ilang

The following are a list of repairs that may be requested:

  1. Damaged door knob, door, window that may risk security;
  2. Leaking in the roof close to electrical wires that may cause fire;
  3. Leaking in the pipe fittings, sanitary or supply that may cause hazardous organic vapor, development of hazardous molds, seepage, pressure, spalling, etc.;
  4. Power interruption/outage/inadequacy, troubleshooting, short-circuiting, outlet explosion, and any related electrical problems.

Other job requests that are not listed will be scheduled during weekdays via website (https://uho.uplb.edu.ph). Urgent job requests during weekdays may be called directly to the office (536-4009).


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