Responsible Pet Ownership Program

“Alagang aso, huwag hayaang gumala. Pabakunahan at ipatala”

Anti-Rabies Act of 2007 and Los Banos Ordinance No. 2005:458

Responsibilities of Pet Owners

  • • They take their dogs to the vet once a year to get vaccinated against rabies
  • • They submit their dogs for mandatory registration at UHO or at the Los Banos Municipal Office annually.
  • • They don’t let their dogs roam the streets or any public place.
  • • They always put a leash on their dogs when they go outside the house.
  • • They always pick up after their dogs.
  • • If their dog bites someone, they will assist that person immediately and shoulder the medical expenses.
  • • They provide their dogs proper grooming, food, and shelter.
  • • They report any biting incident immediately to the authorities.

Penalties for irresponsible pet owners

Php. 2,000 – Failure or refusal to have dog registered and immunized against rabies.

Php. 10,000 – Refusal to have dog be put under observation after it has bitten someone.

Php. 25,000 – Refusal to shoulder the medical expenses of the person bitten by dog.

Pp. 500 – Refusal to put leash on dog when brought outside the house.

Penalty of up to Php. 700 – Allowing dogs to defecate in any public place.

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