Bungalow: 140 units
Apartment: 84 units
Two Storey: 8 units
Duplex: 8 units
Studio Type: 9 units
Total: 249 Staff Housing units

Qualification of applicants

Married personnel actually living with spouse and/or dependents, legally/actually separated personnel with accompanying children, single but head of the family with dependents either parents of senior citizenship or with medical conditions and/or other members with special conditions (subject for verification) and single parents with accompanying children as dependents. UPLB personnel including current UPLB Housing beneficiaries, if interested, may apply provided.

a. He/She or his/her spouse does not own a housing unit within the 15-kilometer radius from the main gate of UPLB.
b. He/She is not leave of absence or full time detail of assignment in another agency or UPS campus at the time of application.
c. His/Her gross family income does not exceed P990,000,000 per annum. This amount shall be adjusted by the UPLB Housing Office as the need arises
d. He/She is willing to finance the repair of the unit on a 50:50 sharing basis.
e. He/She is capable of paying house occupancy fees, utilities and garbage fee through payroll deduction; and
f. For current beneficiary, certification from the Utilities Billing Unit that he/she has no outstanding balance (utilities and garbage).

How to apply?

All interested UPLB constituents may secure the application form from the UPLB Housing Office (ground floor, former Los Banos Rural Bank bldg.). Applicants in previous years are requested to renew their application and to complete all requirements. Only application with complete requirements shall be evaluated. For current beneficiaries, all accomplishments shall be reckoned from the year when the housing agreement was originally awarded. Please ensure that you have inspected/seen the unit you are applying for in order for you to estimate the cost of repair needed when you move in.

a. Latest certificate of Compensation Payment/Tax Withheld of applicant and spouse (if not filed jointly) as well as other members of the family who will be occupants of the unit, if applicable.
b. Latest Statement of Assets and Liabilities.
c. Diploma or certification for degrees earned.
d. For non-Ph. D. holders, certificate(s) of completion of trainings attended and copy of transcript of records for units earned for advanced degree, if any.
e. Up-to-date Service Record(s) of applicant and spouse(if UPLB personnel).
f. Copy of current appointment to administrative assignments, if any.
g. Copies of award(s) received.
h. Latest payslip.
i. Marriage Contract.
j. Medical Record of parent of senior citizenship with medical conditions and/or memberswith special conditions (if you are single but head of family).
k. Accomplished promissory letter (UHO form).
If the spouse is also a UPLB employee, please submit requirements c,d,e,f,g, and h.