Obdulia F. Sison Hall
Obdulia F. Sison Hall
As UPLB's main hostel, the OFSH offers training, conference, and accommodation facilities for UPLB constituents and guests


The OFSH aims to provide an excellent venue for various local and international training programs, conferences, and seminars


A highly competitive income generating and continuing education service facility in UPLB which caters to both local and international clienteles


The Obdulia F. Sison Hall (OFSH), formerly the Continuing Education Center (CEC), was a gift from the Ford Rockefeller Foundation was established in 1971 through the Farm and Home Development Program of the then UP College of Agriculture headed by Dr. Basilio N. de los Reyes. It was designed and built by the renowned National Artist for Architecture, Leandro V. Locsin.

Since education is a life-long process, the then CEC was envisioned to house the farmers and homemakers who desire to acquire continuous knowledge and application through non-formal education which could be aptly met in UP.  The center was headed by a manager who was a seconded staff of the University.

However, the OFSH thrust changes through time.  In the 1980’s it has become the venue for local and international training programs to various organizations like the EDI-World Bank, the American Home Economics Association, the Local Government Units (LGUs) and MADECOR, to name a few.

In the early 1990’s the OFSH became a popular venue for the US PEACE CORPS, private chemical and agricultural companies and many others including government and non-government organizations. 

On 24 November 24 2011, during the 1275th Board of Regents Meeting, CEC was officially renamed as the Obdulia F. Sison Hall. It was formerly managed by the Business Affairs Office (BAO) and its operational supervision was transferred to UPLB Housing Office (UHO) on 3 November 2020 through Administrative Order Number 319 series of  2020.


OFSH Rates

DAILYPhP 980PhP 1,250
WEEKLYPhP 6,250PhP 8,000
MONTHLYPhP 22,100PhP 28,200
EXTRA BEDPhP 135/dayPhP 145/day